All You Need to Know About Keeping Cats as Pets

All You Need to Know About Keeping Cats as Pets

Animals have been in our homes, kept as pets for a very long time. As they have been good companions, helpers and friends since long, some of the animals have also been revered as gods in some ancient cultures. Man has always been fascinated by all the members of cat family, and since it displays all the majestic traits of any other member of the feline group, the Cat has been among the top choices of domesticated animals to keep as pet. Pet cats cannot be expected to do chores for humans as other animals would but they are lovable, affectionate and playful too and are a good company.

One of the most noticeable features of these felines is that they mostly do not like to be bothered a lot. But let that not mislead you to the fact that when they are in a playful mood, they have the ability to entrance you with their swift and flexible yet graceful moves. When you return home after a long day at work, they welcome you by running to you and rubbing their body against your legs showing and demanding affection. They are more like humans when it comes to sensitivity, so you have to pet more often which would keep them happier.

Caring for cats requires a little more attention when compared with dogs. The fur has to taken care of especially for the long haired cat. Regular brushing is very important. Short haired cats require less attention to the fur because they can easily take care of their fur by brushing it with their tongue which has tiny spines on the surface. Cats are known for their cleanliness so as long as they are short haired and litter trained you don’t have to worry a lot about cleanliness.

Mostly kept as an indoor pet, the health risks can be minimized if the cat is vaccinated, regularly bathed and brushed and nutrition is properly taken care of. As mentioned earlier, cats are known for their cleanliness, an unclean and untidy cat is a sign of illness. A thorough check up and a visit to a vet would save you from dealing with a worse condition.

As cats have a high rate of reproduction, people just leave the kittens to stray out in the cities which has led to a high population of feral cats. The female comes in heat as often as almost twice in a month. After a gestation period of about nine weeks a litter of three to five kittens is born. They are born blind and after about less than a couple of weeks, they open their eyes. Cats can also be spayed like dogs if you do not want them to reproduce.