All You Need to Know About Keeping Dogs as Pets

All You Need to Know About Keeping Dogs as Pets

Since early ages, humans have been keeping animals as pets. Animals have been of use for humans in many aspects of life. They have been used for food, like milk, eggs, meat etc. They have been used for transportation, as beasts of burden, helpers in the fields and in homes. One animal that humans have employed in the forces like the police and the army and as service animals for handicapped people is the dog. Dogs have also been working side by side with humans as guards to keep the cattle and sheep from straying and to save them from predators.

Dogs have been known as the man’s best friend, because they show their affection and loyalty to us and have a very lovable and playful nature. They enjoy our company and love to play games with adults and children alike. They have been known to be very protective of the family that they are living with.

There are a hundreds of breeds available nowadays. To choose the right pet for your home is very important. Getting a pet when it is only a puppy is the best age to get a dog as you can train it the way you want and you get an undoubted loyalty and affection from your pet. Although some people prefer to get already trained dog which is also a good choice if you are not experienced enough to train your own pet.

Caring for dogs is relatively easy. They do not demand too much. But proper care involves regular bathing, timely feeding, petting and walking the dog outdoor at least once a day – if it is kept as an indoor pet. Health issues can be easily resolved as there are vets easily available in the cities. A lot of minor health problems can be taken care of at home and most of them can be avoided as well.

Keeping the house and kennel clean can help avoid a lot of health problems. If the dog is long haired, he needs regular bathing and brushing to avoid having ticks which are parasites that stick to the animal, sucking blood and even making the animals weak if there are too many.

The most exciting time is when a new litter of puppies is born. Sexual maturity is reached at around six to eight months of age and after a gestation period of approximately 56 to 72 days more or less six puppies are born, though the number of puppies in a litter may increase to twelve in larger breeds of dogs. It can get a bit more hassle to take care of so many dogs so people get their dogs neutered which eliminates their ability to procreate but you can still enjoy the company of your most loved pet.