How to Increase Humidity in Incubator?

How to Increase Humidity in Incubator?

Have you ever used the incubators to hatch and incubate eggs? Well, if you say no then you have missed out a lot of chances that could have been used to keep the eggs in better conditions. First and foremost, you need to introduce yourself to egg incubators that are the special machines used for hatching and incubating eggs.

It can be extremely challenging for anyone when it comes to regulating the incubation temperature. However, you can do the same work by using a premium quality egg incubator. In addition, this machine will also help in regulating the humidity at the best levels.

Hatching the eggs seems to be a very daunting and challenging work unless you start using an egg incubator. You do not need the broody hens to hatch eggs as you have this particular method to utilize.

Basically, there are several kinds of incubators available to use for different kinds of works. You can consider the bacteriological, poultry, and infant incubators, which are the three main kinds of incubators. Still, it is difficult to find the best incubator for chicken eggs because you have a lot incubator brands to choose.

Why It Is Necessary to Increase Humidity in Incubators?

How to Increase Humidity in Incubator?

Usually, the humidity levels of your incubator should stay between 50 to 55%. However, you need to increase the humidity nearly 65% for the last several days of incubation. The normal growth of embryos will be affected if the humidity of an incubator is too low. Likewise, the humidity of incubators shouldn’t be too high.

Add a Water Container into Your Incubators

As per the experts, it is not difficult to increase or decrease the humidity in your egg incubator. However, you need to determine the use of a water container in your incubator. For increasing the humidity in incubator, you can add a water container into it.

This might help you to increase the humidity without doing too many efforts and things. In the winter, you do not need to increase the humidity because it will automatically be increased.

On the other hand, it will be easy for you to decrease the level of humidity in your incubators. You simply need to open up the air vent and eliminate the water from your incubator. As a result, the humidity will be decreased. Before you have the best incubator for chicken eggs, this will be a good talk to remember.

Add Wet Towels into Your Incubators

As an alternative, you can also try to add wet towels into your incubator for increasing the humidity levels quickly. Indeed, wet towels will do the same work that is the water trays or jars can do. So, this is another interesting way you can use to amplify the dampness in your incubator promptly.

How You Will Buy the Best Chicken Egg Incubators?

How to Increase Humidity in Incubator?

Now, you have got sufficient information regarding the ways you can use to increase humidity in incubators. Consequently, you would love to determine the suggestions that are important to remember while buying a chicken egg incubator. Everyone knows that incubators for chicken eggs come various sizes and shapes.

Every incubator brand chants to be the best incubator for chicken eggs, but you cannot prefer every brand. This is why you need to recall some special things while selecting incubators for chicken eggs.

Numbers of Chickens You Want to Hatch

In the starting, you need to determine in how many chickens you want to hatch by utilizing a premium quality incubator. As a customer, it is difficult to count the chickens before you hatch them, but you can pick an incubator by determining how many eggs you will be hatching.

Consider the Space Where You Will Fit the Incubators

Secondly, you need to consider the space where you will fit the incubator after purchasing it. Ensure that the selected incubator will surely fit in the space that you have already chosen.  If the space is not meeting the overall size of an incubator, it would be difficult for you to clean them on a regular basis.

Humidity and Temperature Controls

Most importantly, you need to determine how you are going to handle and determine the temperature and humidity. There are several incubators available with an auto humidity pump. It is difficult to get all the incubators with thermometers, and that’s why you have to be a little bit more cautious during the buying process. While buying the best incubator for chicken eggs, this will be an imperative suggestion.

Available Water Trays

For increasing and decreasing the levels of humidity, it is your accountability to purchase the incubators that come with water trays. There are a few models of incubators available that will let you increase or decrease the humidity in the incubator without doing more.

Go with Small & Portable Incubators

As per the experts, you should always try to purchase small and portable incubators. These kinds of incubators will surely fit into your space and will never cause problems related to the space.

Important Features

How to Increase Humidity in Incubator?

Now, you are considering all important things about an incubator while purchasing it. You cannot overlook the climate control feature that is very important to get in your incubator. In the similar way, the presence of an automatic turner can determine the selected incubator is better to use.

Furthermore, you can consider the a little bit of noise that reputable incubator will make.  As a buyer, you can also consider the clear tops that some incubators provide to let you enjoy the procedure. Cleaning will become yet another considerable factor you have to fit in your mind while choosing the best incubator for chicken eggs.

Online Reviews & Ratings

Last but not least, you should undergo online reviews submitted by the existing and previous users of a quality incubator you want to choose. They should be positive and encouraging enough, so that you can make a buying deal. Likewise, you need to consider the overall ratings of an incubator that are based on the performance and working of the incubators.


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